Unexpected mistakes caused the Chinese women’s short track speed skating 3,000 meters relay defending failure

Original title: Bizarre mistakes and controversial penalty for the failure of the Chinese women’s short track speed skating team to defend the 3,000-meter relay

International online report (Reporter Yan Wei, Sun Juan): In the Sochi Winter Olympics short-track speed skating women’s 3,000-meter relay game on the 18th, the Chinese team had a bizarre tactical mistake, which led to the Korean team surpassing the final moment and lost the gold medal. After the mistake, the Chinese team was in a mess, and was also fouled and the results were cancelled. In this unexpected game, the South Korean team finally broke the Sochi cycle and won their first gold medal in the short track speed skating competition.

In the Sochi Winter Olympics short-track speed skating women’s 3,000-meter relay competition, the Chinese team and the world’s number one South Korean team “point of the needle against McMans”, the game is difficult to distinguish. The Chinese team once leaped to the finish line in the lead position, but in the last half of the lap, South Korean star Shen Shixi surpassed the Chinese team’s last great Li Jianrou from the outside, helping the Korean team win the championship. Just as everyone was sorry for the Chinese team, Chinese coach Li Wei revealed a surprising news: “Our mistake was to push Li Jianrou. Li Jianrou was unprepared for two laps and then forced (played). Li Jianrou should not play the last two laps. ”

According to the plan made by the Chinese team before the game, Fan Kexin should be the last sprinter of the Chinese team, but when there were two laps left in the game, Li Jianrou was mistakenly pushed by Fan Kexin. field. Li Jianrou insisted on slipping through the last two laps without any preparation. However, Li Jianrou, who has slipped a few laps, has been unable to compete with the last stick of the South Korean team, and the last half of the circle was surpassed by Shen Shixi. With such bizarre mistakes, the Chinese team felt that it was difficult to understand. Li Jianrou “black face” after the game; he walked through the mixed area and refused to accept the interview, while Fan Kexin did not seem to have slowed down from the accident.

Fan Kexin said: “We made some mistakes ourselves, and finally it was not the last two laps I completed. The skills and tactics that were communicated with the coaches did not slip out on the court. This may be that we ……we ……because we ……”

the first to escape from the bizarre mistakes is the coach Li Wei, she said: “I think it is still Said that the players are too young, this is still not very good control of the game. ”

After seeing the teammates’ mistakes, Zhou Yang, the only Chinese team with experience in the Olympics, subconsciously entered the runway and prepared to hand over the sticks to help his teammates complete the final game. Then, because of this, the referee believes that Zhou Yang slipped onto the runway without a handover, hindering other teams to play, thus penalizing the Chinese team foul and canceling the Chinese team’s performance. Zhou Yang felt a little embarrassed after the game: “I didn’t know at the time, I might just want to protect it normally.” Because there were mistakes in the last two laps, if I fell, I might pick them up right away. But I don’t know what happened next, and then I know someone is touching me. ”

Chinese coach Li Wei immediately appealed after he was informed of the referee’s sentence. She believes that Zhou Yang’s move did not constitute a foul.

“ It should be that you can slip in at the front, she is ready to hand over, it is normal to appear on the runway. Because they are all distanced, if they open (distance), the team members can say in front of a route that she thinks is good to hand over. ”

In fact, Li Wei himself knows that the referee’s penalty is difficult to change. Previously, the Chinese team had already won the gold medal in the short track speed skating 500 meters and 1500 meters. If the 3,000 meter relay gold medal can be won, it will be a perfect result. Because the accidental mistakes and lost the gold medal, in order to make up for the mistakes and fouls to lose the medals, this still makes the Chinese team still feel very sorry. Li Wei said helplessly: “But this is, how to say, that is, nothing is absolutely perfect. Although we are very sorry, we are calmly accepting. ”

In the short track speed skating women’s 1000m and men’s 500m preliminaries, the Chinese team players played normally. Except Liu Qiuhong was convicted of fouling, the rest of the athletes entered the next round. Round competition. After losing the women’s 3,000-meter relay gold medal, the Chinese team is expected to launch an impact on other project gold medals on the 21st.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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