Up to 25 meters of timber apartment in Australia

With the discovery and promotion of building materials such as concrete, cement, and steel, timber-built houses have gradually withdrawn from view, because timber-built houses are generally not strong enough to collapse in harsh weather such as heavy rain, and wood Water is easy to rot, moldy, black, cleaning is very laborious, and cement does not have these problems, modern buildings can generally reach more than a dozen layers, up to tens of meters, durable, even if you encounter a slight earthquake, do not need to be afraid .

Australian wood product developers decided to build high-rise timber apartments. Combine light wood structures and cross-stacked buildings to build high-rise apartment buildings of up to 25 meters in timber. Developers are currently submitting applications to the Australian Building Code Board (ABCB), and if the application is approved, it is expected that the 25-meter timber high-rise apartment will be completed in 2016.

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