US Embassy in Japan: NHK Management Committee Nanjing Massacre Speech Violation of Common Sense

People’s Daily News February 9 According to Kyodo News, the novelist of the NHK management committee, Hiroshi Hiroshi, said in a speech to help the governor of Tokyo in the election speech, the bombing and launch of the US military carried out by the US military during World War II. The atomic bomb is “the massacre”. He also criticized the post-war Tokyo trial and denied the Nanjing Massacre. A spokesman for the US Embassy in Japan said in an interview on the 8th that Bai Tian’s speech <;violation of common sense& quo; and said that this statement is a formal and unified view of the US government.

The mainstream media in the Asia-Pacific region has also reported on the speech of Baitian, and the response from overseas is expanding. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who appointed Baitian as the NHK management committee, may be held accountable.

On the 3rd, Baida said in support of the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor and former aviation chief Nagata, the youngest man, that the bombing of the US military and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were “the massacre”. And said “Tokyo trial is to cover this”. He also said that the Nanjing Massacre did not exist, saying that “Jiang Jieshi carried out a big propaganda in 1938, but the countries of the world ignored it because there was no such thing”.

A spokesperson for the US Embassy accused Baitian of his statement “Behavior of Common Sense”, stating that the US government hopes that those in charge of the position will try to avoid making statements that are inciting tension in the region.

Before the speech of Honda, NHK President Kazuo Sakai was said to have a problem with the comfort women at the press conference. “Which country has ever had it.” British BBC TV and other reports on Japan’s domestic debate on the political neutrality of NHK.

Foreign media also introduced the fact that Abe appointed Baida as a NHK operating committee last year. The US magazine “Time” magazine described in the report that Hundred is a “nationalist writer, Abe’s good friend”, and said that Abe himself also caused anger in neighboring countries because of his visit to the Yasukuni Shrine at the end of last year.

Singapore’s Straits Times and Australia’s Sydney Pioneer Morning Post also reported on China’s refutation of Baida’s speech.

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