VIAVI launched an upgraded version of the test solutions for China Mobile SPN, escort commercial process 5G

Recently, 5G SPN new features to communicate with conference VIAVI Solutions company to join hands with China Mobile Research Institute, held successfully in Shanghai. The two sides significant progress for China Mobile 5G SPN (slice packet network) technology in customized OAM functions and the corresponding test standard updates and other hot topic in-depth discussion. VIAVI As a leading global supplier of communications network testing services CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , which won the China Mobile Research Institute participants on the latest test solutions including the ONT series, including SPN-OAM provided by the Chinese information and Telecommunications Research Institute experts and leaders highly appreciated. To support the three scenarios. 5G: Enhanced Mobile Broadband (embB), massive machine type communication (MMTC) and ultra-high reliability and low-latency communication (uRLLC), China Mobile earlier technology system for launch SPN carried 5G, respectively in the physical layer, link layer and the forwarding control layer innovative technologies, including 5G meet service including integrated service network transmission needs. SPN solution using hierarchical architecture of the OAM, the OAM packet can be divided into slices, a slice OAM channel layer, a slice layer, transport layer OAM OAM and business customers. Wherein the slice channel layer (SCL) OAM original China Mobile. How to use a recognized third-party means effective, comprehensive and validated SCL OAM standard protocol in order to achieve consistency Control Engineering Copyright , to simulate various anomalies pressure network authentication network element and network robustness has become an urgent need. Chinese Academy of Information and Communication recently in its laboratory, has been successfully tested on a variety of OAM functions SPN equipment by VIAVI ONT-603 SPN test equipment. Test items include continuity detection / connectivity verification (CC / CV), the type of client signal (CS), protection switching (APS), latency measurement (1DM / 2DM), error detection bits (BIP), etc. CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the test results are in line with expectations. Mr. Chenzhao Qin VIAVI president of Greater China, said: “We are honored to partner China Mobile Research Institute held the SPN new features to communicate with the conference, authority and communication fieldExperts to share the latest innovations VIAVI. To help China Mobile to accelerate its business services 5G vision, VIAVI already tested technology for a major upgrade. We believe that the latest test solutions for various segments of the 5G provide will help SPN technology from the laboratory to successful deployment. “In the past year or so years, VIAVI work closely with China Mobile, China Mobile for the SPN technology innovation system continue to increase investment in the corresponding core technology and testing instruments. Following the previous support Flex-E (flexible Ethernet ) and physical layer after layer SHIM comprehensive test , but also the first time launched an upgraded version of the test solution for SPN SCL OAM , and establish including research and development and interoperability verification testing, including testing new industry benchmark.

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