Vitesco New Technologies to electric drive technology run-up PSA Peugeot Citroen and Hyundai production models

Vitesco Technologies (former Continental Powertrain Business Group) today announced it has signed an agreement with PSA Peugeot Citroen and Hyundai, providing the first highly integrated electric drive shaft system for the two companies of different production models. This reflects the Vitesco Technologies position as a pioneer in the electrification of the powertrain, providing customers with advanced customized solutions. Currently, the new electric drive system has been put into operation in Vitesco Technologies of China Tianjin plant. Andreas Wolf Vitesco Technologies CEO, said:. “I am pleased to announce that two leading car manufacturers have chosen to use Vitesco Technologies innovative products to power the electric drive for production models for those who wish to take the lead in the field of electric vehicles car manufacturers in terms of status, Vitesco Technologies with a new type of integrated axle drive system as well as extensive experience in the field of electrification CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , is undoubtedly their preferred partner. “
as PSA Peugeot Citroen and Hyundai production models providing different first highly integrated electric drive system axis
PSA Peugeot Citroen Peugeot e-CMP modular e-208, like the Opel Corsa-e compact pure electric vehicles employed electric platform selected Vitesco Technologies of the new electric drive system. Hyundai Motor Company through a joint venture Beijing Hyundai will Vitesco Technologies as its supplier in China. Ang Xinuo (Encino) compact SUV and Festa (Lafesta) car Both models will be equipped Vitesco Technologies of the electric drive system. In addition, there are several other car makers also chose to cooperate with Vitesco Technologies, which is responsible for providing the drive system for the upcoming in the next year, pure electric vehicles. This innovative electric shaft drive system will also serve as a power source start-up company in Germany Sion Sono Motors introduced the electric vehicles. Wolf added: “Our cutting-edge technology will enableElectric vehicles into the mainstream. “Long-term focus on powertrain electrification Vitesco Technologies engaged in the electrification of research and development for more than ten years of history, is the major automobile manufacturers important cooperative partner. As early as 2006, the company started to focus on the development of electric vehicles solutions. To in 2011, the electric drive system is finally put on the market, is used in its Renault Zoe, Fluence and Kangoo electric models. Today, control Engineering Copyright , Vitesco Technologies, with its experience in electric drive systems and deep expertise, the innovative third-generation electric shaft drive system to the market Both rated power and best-in power density, size and weight of the system and with expertise in the field of electronics, Vitesco Technologies engineers further improved interaction between the various components of the system (motor, transmission and power electronics) these improvements drive system lighter, more compact, and more economical: the new module (motor and wherein the liquid cooling power electronics technology) weighs less than 80 kg. it also has an integrated gearbox This new feature in child lock by intelligent combination and integration of the various components of the system CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , you can also remove a large number of connectors and cables , thus further reducing costs
portfolio has always focused on electrification and electric travel
Vitesco Technologies mixing head of hybrid electric vehicles Division Thomas Stierle said: “we can offer highly integrated power from 100-150 kilowatts different power levels shaft drive system. “He added:” the maximum output power performance version is 150 kW, maximum torque of 310 Nm Copyright Control Engineering , with conventional 2 liter turbocharged diesel engines comparable, and power density, size and weight are similar optimum. “Focus on electrification and electric technology Vitesco Technologies chose to produce new electric axle drive systems in China, because China is currentlyThe world’s largest and fastest-growing electric car market, and is close to corporate clients. This not only makes Vitesco Technologies to better serve our customers, but also to take advantage of the experience factory in Tianjin in the field of electric drive technology. Highly automated production line in the plant to ensure high-quality mass production. Vitesco Technologies is now one of the few capable of independent suppliers to provide a full range of automotive electrification system. The company’s products include 48 volts and is suitable for electrification member from the key to a hybrid electric drive system. “Looking to the future, Andreas Wolf said:” We will invest more focused on electric and pure electric technology, and the more internal resources into these two areas. This will greatly enhance our existing electronic level of expertise. ”

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