Water purifier manufacturers build brands from no off-season

Ms. Wang Taiyuan of Shanxi some time ago bought a water purifier kitchen, she is 1800 yuan to buy. Because it is a large mall to buy, plus the price is not cheap, Ms. Wang and feeling he could buy a water purifier brand products, I believe bought a water purifier should be useful.

Wang the water purifier installed in the home with less than a month, the water purifier to leaking. Wang initially thought it was a small problem, they did not have it repaired. After a week, not only leaking water purifier, the water is also getting smaller and smaller. Ms. Wang suddenly realized that they are buying is not a brand, but is an ordinary poor quality water purifiers.

In fact, many people have the same experience and Wang. I thought they were buying branded products, and finally found just inferior products. Friends, do you think you really understand the water purifier brand it? Do you think that “brand = brand”? I want to tell you, not all brands can be called brand.

brand owner is to bring premium, value-added generated an intangible asset, the brand firmly occupy the minds of consumers. The brand is carried by some people recognized for its products and services is derived from mutual accommodation between the kind of brand product and the consumer buying behavior.

become a brand product, we must have three conditions: high quality, visibility (reputation) and occupied the minds of consumers. Consumers value these three points, while water purifier manufacturers must struggle in order to become a brand. First, improve product quality, increase the technology content, in order to quality for the purpose of production; second, to promotion, to expand its influence and visibility (reputation), only then will boost brand built; third, the net water heater manufacturers have to continuously enrich the connotation of the brand, deepen brand concept, to promote the brand story (culture) to the consciousness of the people, the occupation of the minds of consumers. Three-pronged approach, naturally become a brand.

The author of this once again reminded to buy a water purifier friends, be sure to look for the brand, buy brand is to buy rest assured. According to my understanding, there are now represented with clear spring water purifiers top ten brands on the market, consumers may choose these well-known brand products. Do not be deceived because freeloaders or buy no-name, small brands.

selected water purifier brand, which is responsible for their own lives, is responsible for the health of their families. We talked about these brands knowKnow, you make it?

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