What are the advantages of sound insulation doors and windows?

Summer, there are sunshine and beaches, there are also hot and hot, noisy And the storm rain! At this time, how good is the soundproofing windows and doors installed in the home, blocking the heat of the sun, and not “running” the air conditioner after turning on the air conditioner, making the home the most comfortable place in the summer!

What is the heat-insulated aluminum door and window?

Broken aluminum doors and windows In terms of two main bodies: insulated bridge aluminum profiles and insulating glass.

Insulation broken bridge aluminum is also called broken bridge Aluminum, insulated aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum alloy. The two sides are made of aluminum, and the plastic profile cavity is used as the heat-dissipating material in the middle. This innovative structural design takes into account the advantages of both plastic and aluminum alloys, while meeting the various requirements of decorative effects and door and window strength and weatherability.

The principle of insulated aluminum alloy is Insulating strips are inserted in the middle of the aluminum profiles to break the aluminum profiles to form a broken bridge, effectively preventing heat conduction, and fitting hollow glass, hardware, invisible screens, glass glue, styrofoam, sealing strips, etc. The finished doors and windows are called insulated bridges aluminum doors and windows.

Benefits of insulated aluminum doors and windows

1. Good thermal insulation: the combination of the inner and outer frames of the heat-insulating profile, the frame is three The sealing form has excellent airtight performance and thermal insulation performance; the sash adopts hollow glass structure, which makes the window truly show sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and excellent functions, saves a lot of mining and cooling costs, and has remarkable energy saving effect.

2, waterproof function: using the principle of pressure balance Design structure drainage system, sliding design slope step type, set drain, smooth drainage, good water tightness.

3, anti-condensation, frosting: broken aluminum profiles can realize three doors and windows The channel sealing structure separates the water vapor chamber reasonably, and the pressure balance of gas and water is successfully realized, and the window is bright and bright.

4. Anti-mosquito screen design: Invisible screen window, can be installed inside and outside, with anti-mosquito function, especially suitable for mosquitoes.

5, anti-theft, anti-smashing device: with a unique multi-point hardware lock to ensure that the window is in use Stable and safe in the middle. It is equipped with German imported silk Geely and other hardware accessories, hidden lock points, high anti-mite, and safe home.

6, noise-proof and soundproof: The structure has been carefully designed, the seams are tight, the sound insulation of the air reaches 30–40 decibels, which can ensure the tranquility of the room and the residents are free from noise. p>

7. Thermal insulation bridge aluminum fire protection function: The selected aluminum alloy is metal material and will not burn.

8, sand-proof, wind-resistant: inner frame straight The material adopts hollow design, strong wind pressure resistance and good seismic resistance. It can be used in high-rise buildings and residential buildings, and can be designed with large-area window type and large lighting area. This kind of window has excellent air tightness and can guarantee large wind and sand area. Indoor window sills and floors are free of dust.

9, open form, comfortable and durable: there is peace Open, introverted, overhanging, push-pull, swing and inward and composite, suitable for public buildings, residential quarters and municipal works. The hardware accessories are high-quality and durable, the operation handle adopts humanized design, beautiful and comfortable, and the opening is convenient and flexible. After each use action is tested, the number of fatigue tests reaches tens of thousands of times, and the quality is stable and guaranteed.

10, a variety of colors, very decorative: can achieve the indoor and outdoor surface of doors and windows Different colors, to meet the customer’s preference for color, in line with the architect’s individual design requirements. The aluminum profile is streamlined and sleek.

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