What is the difference between reflective paint and fluorescent paint?

Reflective paint is blended in the paint with a reflective material. After the light is irradiated, total reflection occurs in the glass beads. Basically, the direct light from the far side can be returned to the original way, which is like the effect of light. But if there is no light source, then the reflective paint will not have a luminous effect, because it does not emit light by itself. It is very easy to find examples of reflective paints around us: the anti-collision piers on the roadside are reflective paints, in which the colors are yellow-black combination, red and white combination, highway guardrail reflective paint, underground parking entrance entrance Can find yellow black reflective paint, white reflective paint on the airport road.
Fluorescent paint is pigmented with daylight fluorescent pigments and is an acrylic paint. The brightness can reach about three times that of ordinary paint, which is unmatched by other paints. At the same time, the color is particularly bright and the color purity is high. In life, you will find that cards, road signs, traffic barriers, underground parking lots, ballroom decorations, architectural decorations, fishing gear, etc., which have bright and bright colors, have an irreplaceable role.
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