What is Xiaomi Tao exactly? What can we benefit from joining Xiaomi Tao?

Some people want spiritual wealth and some people want physical wealth. Everyone has their own pursuits and goals. As a person, don’t have no pursuit and goals. If these two are not there, Life is going to be boring and boring. People often pursue more physical wealth. How can we get more physical wealth? By going to work and working, you never think about it. If you want more wealth, you need to invest more. Investment depends on how to invest, physical, online, offline, is the traditional way of investing, and such as gold is more Internet investment, only the right investment will have a high return. And our little honey scouring is a good choice, the new model makes you earn money and earn a soft hand. Blockchain + Social + New Retail: Challenge the shopping experience you’ve never had before. For more information, please contact Xiaojintao’s person in charge, WeChat QQ9968134

If you are a migrant worker who wants to change your destiny, join Xiaotaotao to make yourself a color, Xiaomi Tao is your new opportunity to counterattack


If you are an aspiring young person who wants to start your own business, join Xiaotaotao to make yourself a color. Xiaotaotao is a good project for your successful business.

If you are a baby with a baby at home Join Xiaotaotao to make yourself, Xiaomi Tao is the beginning of your destiny.

If you are just getting started, join Xiaotaotao to make yourself, Xiaomi Tao is The cradle of your rapid growth

If you are a big coffee with team strength, join the little honey to make yourself, Xiaomi Tao lets you start a new era of social new retail,

If you are a showcase warrior who encounters bottlenecks in micro-business, join Xiaotaotao to make yourself a color, Xiaomi Tao is your quick-acting

Xiaomi Tao firmly believes that as long as the pay is always rewarded.

We work hard because we look forward to tomorrow will be better;

We accept our opinions humbly because we need too much success;

398 a set of spree, Nuts, toiletries, skin care products, you can pick, spend the money, earn unexpected income, small investment, big return, no one because 398 yuan dumped a house ‼️ but some people because of 398 yuan fate Change ‼️

Longliqi: It is a 32-year-old billion-dollar company headquartered in Suzhou. There are two reasons for working with it. First, it is an industrial 4.0 company in China. The concept of Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution dominated by intelligent manufacturing, or a revolutionary production method. Second, it is the 24th company with direct sales license in our country. It has strong financial strength and reliability. It selects global quality products and provides consumers with true “easy to use, high quality and cost-effective products!”

Why can Xiaomi Tao start a new era of consumption and seize the new height of social retail?

Why can Xiaomi Tao start a new era of consumption and seize the new height of social retail?

Xiaomi It is based on mobile social retail, seamlessly integrating online malls, offline stores and unmanned containers to form a new scene smart new retail platform. Xiaomi Tao chose to embrace the blockchain, creating a trustworthy and secure endorsement for social retailing, which is enough to break the current prejudice and perception of social new retail. When all merchants are based on the blockchain-based shared trust system, based on credit and trust as a bridge, the platform can be seamlessly cross-bordered to jointly create quality products. When the value of the shopper’s sharing and communication is digitized, each consumer can bring benefits to itself, and naturally generate loyalty to a platform.

The boundaries between the retail industry and offline will become increasingly blurred, and the contradiction of development will no longer be online and offline competition. The essence of the retail industry is to return to “to provide consumers with more efficient, convenient, better quality and better prices. And to evaluate the quality of a retail model, the standard is also determined by both cost efficiency and shopping experience. The new blockchain social retail model created by Xiaomi Tao will greatly increase the consumer user experience and meet customer demand while saving a lot of cost. By creating a safe, convenient, open and fair, consumer-investment social consumer network, a new definition of social retail is created, opening a new era of consumption.

In the near future, the blockchain will spread to the entire retail industry. Xiaomi Taohui’s vision is to seize the opportunity of the development of the times and take the lead in launching a combination of blockchain and new social retailing, and launching a new retail model of blockchain socialization. When the value Internet era really comes, then Xiaomi Tao or has seized the commanding heights of social new retail, becoming a new blockchain e-commerce giant.

Xiaomi Tao is a smart new retail platform based on blockchain technology and using the concept of sharing economy. It is committed to providing quality, easy-to-use and cost-effective products to consumers around the world. Empower and share platform benefits. Xiaomi Tao’s blockchain social new retail model!!

The current traditional e-commerce traffic dividend is gradually weakening, user growth is stagnant, how to open new traffic portals, create new drainage methods Becoming a major problem that needs to be broken at this stage. In the era of Internet, where change is the norm, the retail model is changing. It is social retail that can make traditional e-commerce break free from bottlenecks. However, at this stage, the social e-commerce platform in the market is chaotic, such as the rapid rise but the negative business, but even the suspicion of pyramid schemes, ups and downs, development is quite rough. However, the essence of social retailing is “social”, and the core of socializing lies in people“. To develop a social platform, we must first solve the trust problem.

The emergence of blockchains solves this problem. 2016 is the first year of the blockchain, and by 2018, the blockchain is still a new guise. Like “big data,” “cloud computing,” the word “blockchain” frequently appears in national regulatory or commercial areas, marking the industry.The popularity of blockchain technology has reached a new height, and the value of blockchain application service social progress and business development is highlighted. The data indicates that the blockchain is the next major technology trend and the future of the industry.

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