What kind of wooden floor is good? How much is a wooden floor?

  For flooring materials, in addition to the application of tiles, many users also choose wooden flooring, wood flooring has a natural texture, soft color, comfortable feet Therefore, there are more and more people who lay wooden floors, but for the layman, what kind of wooden floor is good and the price of the wooden floor is not known, let’s go up with the small series!

  What kind of wooden floor is good
  What kind of wooden flooring is good? At present, the wooden flooring in China can be roughly divided into three types, namely solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring, and the wooden flooring of these materials is also More suitable for indoor decoration, let’s take a closer look.

  Solid floor
  The solid wood floor is made of natural materials. It is non-toxic and odorless. It is a relatively environmentally friendly wooden floor. After laying the wooden floor indoors, walking barefoot on it will feel very comfortable and solid wood. The floor has a good warmth effect, the hardness is also relatively high, and the loss is large during production and processing, so the market price is also high.

   The structure of the parquet can be divided into three layers, namely the table, the core and the bottom three layers. The structure of the surface layer acts as a wear-resistant and flame-retardant function, belonging to the decorative layer, so when selecting, it is necessary to select a variety of hard texture and beautiful texture. The following core and bottom are adhered by glue, and also have the advantage of wear resistance. However, his shortcoming is that the life is short and the decorative layer is easily damaged.

   laminate flooring
   laminate flooring is made of medium-density or high-density fiberboard and particleboard, and has good stability. The floor of this material has good wear resistance, resistance to cigarette burning and scratch resistance. And the pollution resistance, so the wooden floor of this material is also the most used by people at home.

  How much is a square of wood flooring

   The price of wood flooring is mainly determined by the value of wood, processing, storage and transportation costs. If the cost of raw materials for wood flooring is high, the cost of finished products will be high. . Here are some examples of the price of wooden flooring:

   Maple and birch wood flooring prices are at 180 ~350 yuan / square;

   oak wood flooring prices are around 250~450 yuan / square; /span>

  The price of teak wood flooring is around 300~450 yuan/square;

   Black walnut flooring prices range from 300 to 500 yuan / square.

   There are many factors affecting the price of wood flooring, such as the brand, model, craft and manufacturer of wood flooring Different, the price of wooden flooring will also vary.

   Summary: What kind of wooden floor is good, or depends on the situation, because the area purchased Different, so the price of wooden flooring will be different. For the above knowledge about what kind of wooden floor is good and how much the wooden floor is squared, you can refer to it.

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