Where is the way out crisis-ridden motor market?

In the new round of industrial revolution today, in the manufacturing industry has a pivotal position. With the diversification of demand for home appliances, health care, new energy vehicles, permanent magnet materials can not meet the demand for motor replacement product categories. Additionally, the economic downturn, the price war, raw material prices and other factors, making the motor industry perilous. Rare earth raw material prices Control Engineering Copyright , the motor compression corporate profits in 2019, many enterprises in the motor-quarter earnings report revealed the company’s performance decline in raw materials prices and a great relationship. Upstream raw material prices soaring, resulting in product prices are rising. I found in the survey, although the entire motor industry downturn is more serious, but small motor factory due to the small body mass, the basic stability of the overall business, basically to achieve 20% growth.
for the case of raw material prices, the domestic small and medium enterprises to adopt internal digestion of motor way to strengthen the cost of raw materials to control, not to transfer raw material costs to their customers, and customers to lock in prices to take the way of large and medium materials, general does not decrease more than 10% -15%, subject to change, do adjusted. It is understood that, after entering in May 2019, by the impact of the macroeconomic environment of rare earth material prices soared. Rare earth metal neodymium, for example, as of May 22 has surged 25 percent to 38 yuan / ton, to June 20 rose again by 23.7% to reach 470,000 yuan / ton, the overall increase of more than 45%. Rare earth products as the motor of the main materials used, suffered “fish of the disaster.” PMSM example, rare earth magnets motor only 2.5 to 4.5% by weight of the whole, but according to the existing price of rare earth, rare earth magnets have accounted for the cost of the whole cost of more than 60%. Fluctuations in the price of rare earth CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the motor industry had a serious impact on many small and medium sized motor servo motor production plant, due to the lack of expected market trends rare, weak financial strength of a lack of reserves, helpless in the face of rising prices , a lot of the electrical plant emergence of the phenomenon of the necessary fuel, motor supply but also the ability to be greatly affected. Under Therefore, raw material prices and shrinking demand in the relevant market dual power “see-saw” tremendous pressure to survive motor business. Insiders pointed out that the recent Sino-US tradeWar, national rare earth play cards, leading domestic rare earth prices soaring, but with the expected supply and demand changes, this time rare earth prices soared after the callback. Other basic materials is relatively stable, mainly rare earth materials was severely affected. But the rare earth price fluctuations are temporary, the future will return to a steady state. Actively respond to shrinking market, out of the profit from the fact that entering 2019, affected by price wars and trade wars environment, the market’s overall decline in serious motor, motor downstream of the main application markets shrinking demand situation. Textile industry, reducing domestic CNC machine tools industry and equipment manufacturers demand, while the textile industry and the industry itself is CNC servo larger areas of product usage, so the impact of the servo motor industry is relatively large. Sino-US trade war and due to be affected by domestic price war, how to make adjustments to adapt to market competition to become the servo motor industry topic of concern. Mobility reporter interviewed the relevant companies, faced with the crisis of the servo motor market, enterprises should be how to improve the core technology and innovation, apart from the competition? Wang Jinfeng Motor Show sail believe that the servo motor market conditions and the overall economic environment is closely related to the second half of the market demand is still declined, motor manufacturers on the one hand continue to expand sales channels, improve their technological processes; on the other hand, to root out the motor industry downstream market, improve product performance, to provide professional solutions. Only in this way cost-effective servo products can usher in greater market, thus avoiding a price war blindly. Branch wait Calvo Sunhan Ming believes that now the domestic price war to fight hot, in order to compete on price, you need good funds, but will not participate in the Division wait Calvo. He said: “First, we take the niche line, and second, we do not have relevant experience in this environment, our coping strategy is to take market segmentation and customization, greater efforts into research and development, and improve product performance. quality, good intentions servo motors. ” In addition to targeting the opportunity to make the right marketing decisions, the servo motor manufacturers also need to start from their own Control Engineering Copyright , improve production technology and R & D capabilities. In the Sino-US trade war and a price war situation changing situation, with their own strength to maintaining the status quo. Moen motor Zhou Hua Jian said that the whole industry needs to shrink, the market is getting smaller cake, but the cake’s people has not diminished, but increased, more intense competition in the industry, so we are opposed to a price war, because war is not the priceConducive to the overall development of the industry. Moen motor will take appropriate measures to deal with price wars and trade wars, first enterprises to improve product quality and internal quality control cost of the product; the second is customer demand for personalized, customized products; third is to improve the manufacturing process and the core technology, Enhancing strength, improve internal strength, to provide customers with more quality products and attentive service. Conclusion can glimpse from the motor company’s market performance in this year’s motor market situation is more serious. “Before the cliff, and later from behind”, it has become a true portrayal of this year’s motor business. Rising raw material prices, due to a trade war product exports, shrinking market demand for downstream applications such issues focus on the outbreak, which caused many small and medium enterprises motor almost no any defense. At this stage, which requires further motor business in the choice of raw materials but also to pursue the principle of a high standard, to improve product performance and quality CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but also to upgrade production, R & D technology and promote motor manufacturing and assembly level, so as to ensure the quality of the final product.

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