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Welcome to the Xiaomi Tao family

What is Xiaomi Tao?

Global Blockchain Project

Blockchain Social New Retail Pioneer

Xiaomi Tao is a blockchain social new retail platform jointly funded by two billion-dollar companies, Longliqi, Scene Technology Valley, and an Internet company, Bendao Group

After understanding Xiaomi Tao, I want to take this opportunity that I have a rare opportunity to find a friend who invites you into the group to have a QR code, scan registration, 398 yuan consumer spree, become a partner, join to get tens of millions of income Opportunity.

Jingdong Taobao has the life of a physical store.

Gathering, Chu Chu wants to change the life of Jingdong Taobao~ but it can’t be changed! Why?

A few hundred yuan of product packages, take out some profit ratios to reward the dynamic market! ~ This is the dojo in the screw case! Too small and too little to push.

Today, Xiaomi Tao is born

Gives Xiaomi Taocoin four attributes

Divided, shared, dividends, shares!

The future is here!

Follow friends Circle

If you agree with Xiaotaotao business logic,

How to earn money, we will fine Chat! I will copy it to you!

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