Why is the floor quality product difficult to find? Quality can not only look at the logo

Recently, some wood flooring products were marked as superior products on the floor quality inspection report issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

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Why is the floor superior? Quality can’t just look at the logo

The price of flooring is very expensive.

Published by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine On the floor quality sampling report, the reporter found that, for example, impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (reinforced flooring), only 10 batches of products are marked as superior products, and most of the others are labeled as qualified products. Due to the Spring Festival holiday, most building materials The market has not yet opened for business. The reporter visited several home improvement companies that have opened to see the floor displayed there. According to the floor salesperson, most of their products meet the standard of superior products, but according to industry practice, they are generally marked as qualified products. The relevant national regulations also meet the needs of consumers for environmental protection, psychology, aesthetics, etc. The dragon floor promotion staff introduced that one point of price is divided into goods, and the floor of superior products is selected from the source, processed products, packaging, and related departments. They are all stricter and the price is naturally rising. Floor 610 × 125 × 18mm red sandalwood (iron wire), the general quality of the price is 255 yuan / m2, superior products will be more than 600 yuan / m2. A well-known brand of Zhejiang, the floor said that the superior products in the Nanjing market There are not many people to buy, they will automatically ‘degrade’ as qualified products to cater to the market taste, so that it can quickly move and reduce inventory pressure.

The reporter is still on the phone Interviewed the heads of eight flooring companies in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, and six bosses said they would not be the top sellers. The two bosses thought that the stores could show samples. As for whether they can sell, they don’t care. The reporter also understands At the time, consumers are generally unaware of the floor of superior products.

There is little or no risk in the floor market

Li Jiafeng, president of the Association’s Floor Professional Committee, said in an interview with the Express reporter that the floor of superior products is indeed higher than the qualified products in terms of appearance and certain items. Take the blockboard as an example, in terms of appearance and curvature. The national standard has made a strict distinction between superior products and qualified products, and the requirements for superior products are higher. The parts are more demanding.

But why is it better to find better flooring on the market? Li Jiafeng revealed that it is not difficult to make superior products in the flooring industry, but because Some of the requirements are higher than the qualified products. If the problem is nominally ‘excellent product’, once the problem occurs, the relevant departments will not be ruthless if they are punished, which is equivalent to the floor enterprise has to face but give itself ‘land mines’. Li Jiafeng In order to avoid the risk of sampling inspections by functional departments, many manufacturers have always labeled them as qualified products even if they produce products with superior specifications. In addition, the national standard stipulates that there are many differences between the superior and the qualified products in appearance. Few manufacturers are willing to spend their time on this unsatisfactory ‘surface work’. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the floor products in the market do not see superior products.

Floor quality can’t just look at the logo

In the purchase of floor products, consumers look at the labels to find superior products. It is not foolproof. Zhang Xiaoqiang, president of Nanjing Decorative Materials Trade Association, believes that the quality of flooring products is not written by the logos of ‘excellent products’ and ‘qualified products’. Many miscellaneous brand floorings also dare to be labeled as superior products. In fact, they still fail to achieve the quality of qualified products. And texture. Large brand flooring products, even if they are nominally qualified, may actually have reached the level of superior products.

Zhang Xiaoqiang reminded that if the floor meets the standard of superior products, it is definitely better, but consumers should also know how to compare. In addition to looking at the product logo, it is also more credible than the floor brand. In the line of equivalent word-of-mouth, it makes sense for consumers to select good products and superior products. But if consumers are too eager to pursue ‘excellent products’, they must pay attention to the cost and their own economic affordability. In fact, the products of the formal flooring company, as well as the quality products of the big brands, can fully meet the needs of home decoration.

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