Why is the stone factory constantly shut down in the past two years?

1. Most stone factories are unlicensed. In the past few years, in order to develop the economy, the state did not interfere with many unlicensed processing plants, and the entry threshold of the stone factory was extremely low. As long as it could be opened in more than 100,000, it caused various domestic A large number of unlicensed stone factories have emerged in the stone producing areas.
2, the planning of the stone factory is not reasonable. Since it is an unlicensed stone factory, it is naturally not necessary to plan. Most of them are built close to the roadside and close to the mine. They are also constructed at will during construction. Most of the factories have no decent factory buildings and walls, not to mention the greening and environmental protection in the plant area.
3, the stone factory has pollution problems. Although the stone factory uses electricity for production, it does not produce exhaust gas, but there are still problems such as noise, dust, and wastewater. Especially the dust pollution of stone carving factories is extremely serious.
4, the stone factory has low efficiency. In fact, from the scandals that have occurred in many places in China, pollution is not a key issue in determining the life and death of a company. The key is whether your pollution can match the economic benefits you generate. Just like some chemical plants, steel mills, coal, oil and other industries, there is pollution, but the GDP contributed is too tempting, and local governments usually close their eyes. The efficiency of the stone factory is very low, but it takes up a lot of land, and the government will naturally not be soft.

The above four points are the fundamental reasons why Xiao Bian believes that many local stone factories have been banned. Xiao Bian believes that in order to develop a stone industry in a region, it must first reach a certain scale, can contribute to the local GDP, and secondly do a good job of pollution prevention and control, and can no longer be as unrestrained as in the past. The world’s general trend will be long-term and long-term, and now it is at the stage of “combination.” From the economic development of these years, we can see that all walks of life are gradually starting to integrate resources, and small businesses will have less and no living space.
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