Why say, “If there is no edge computing, Internet of things industry is inevitable on paper”?

“We collected data, 90% are rubbish,” a factory located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province boss exclaimed, “Last year, 365 days all the time, we almost have carried out the data collection, the data collected do not know how to use compared with the data collected into a variety of costs, I think it is not worth “a year of data collection experience let the boss of the Internet industry lost the initial enthusiasm, and even such a question: we are currently really need a lot of industry data?
“as long as the problem of increasing number of workers can be solved, why should I trouble to collect data, to engage in the Internet industry? Not necessarily have the effect!” Indeed, regardless of industry networking, big data-driven, digital twin concepts He says how hype, in actual industrial process, if you can not solve the company’s core problem – increase profits, reduce costs, it will inevitably be on paper. Although the data itself is important, but it can directly address the issue of service for enterprise applications more valuable. Currently, in addition to how to collect the data, most of the key issues facing the company is worth what data mining? To put it plainly, it is how to use the data to generate value! We know that industrial data acquisition and transmission are basically “end – Cloud – tube” model. In field application, “terminal” is responsible for collecting data, executing instructions, “tube” open data transmission path, and the “cloud” is responsible for all data analysis functions and control logic. Get through the whole process smooth, data acquisition, analysis, application capability is essential. However, the amount of data along with the development of things, industrial manufacturing equipment generated will more and more. If these data must be processed to the cloud, you need endless spectrum resources, bandwidth and data processing capabilities, “cloud” will inevitably overwhelmed, then you need to share the pressure edge computing cloud. For example, a company, in a small scale, when the Board of Directors to the extent possible all manner of management of the company, but when the company reaches a certain size, you need to give the necessary autonomy of frontline staff. Therefore, the side edge in the industrial field data acquisition, processing and transmission of the edges of the gateway computing bear open industrial data transmission “Renduermo” of the task, and then digest with the internet cloud – cloud edge integration, and finally with a large data analysis, enabling production, in order to play the real value of industry data.
FIG: Edge Cloud synergistic two key
The resultingWe have to face: First, in the case of a large number of industrial data sink, how to ensure the validity of the data? Second, the “side – cloud” integration of things to give industry what value? “Lay watch, experts see Road”, answers to these two questions in the field of Internet of Things industry has been hard for 17 years, Ying Han Network have full voice. Overweight edge computing, data sink solve pain points Gartner “2018 top ten strategic technology trends: from the cloud to the edge,” the report said: 2022 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , with the continuous development of digital services 75% of companies will generate data location outside the traditional centralized data center or in the cloud created and processed. With industrial development of things, it is bound to be more local control and the nearest field data, the face of these gradually increased field data, how to deal with the same time in order to ensure its effectiveness and reduce the pressure of cloud computing? Any small improvement in the industrial world will bring great advantages; any small faults in the industrial world may be a great loss – many industrial site data “shelf life” is very short, once the processing delay, it will quickly ” deterioration “, the data value in a cliff-style drop, industrial field data processing can be called” walking a tightrope. ” In this case, the “edge computing” has played an irreplaceable role. If the brain compared to the cloud, the edge is calculated nerve endings, for simple processing stimuli from the processing and the feature information back to the cloud brain. Therefore, including Ying Han Network, including the Internet of Things industry who have focused on the layout of the incoming edge computing. Ying Han Network was founded in 2001 and listed three new board in 2014, is China’s earlier self-development, and manufacturing M2M communications equipment products. At present, the company’s main business from the earliest M2M products to expand into the industrial IOT solutions for industrial automation, power, new retail, smart city, smart business, energy, automotive networking, security, transportation, agricultural, municipal and other industries M2M and IoT devices provide customers with solutions. From the development of the industrial point of view of things, Ying Han Network-enabled industrial course of things, along with just a few key stages of industrial development of things: no data are acquired from the acquired data to a networked industrial devices; in the cloud from the processing cloud-based data integration to the edge.
Figure: Industrial field data collection
Although the current industrial enterprises in the pursuit of the core issue is how to make data enabling production and generate value. But we can not ignore the issue of universality that process plagued by years of industrial enterprises, the key data pre-processing – how to collect the data? For any industrial enterprise, the first step in data mining gold are data collection, data analysis, large data collection is talk about castles in the air, no data is equivalent to industrial cloud platform without trees. In different industrial processes, due to the large automation products brand, diversification of industrial interfaces, industrial protocols are not uniform, so seemingly simple data collection is not so easy. Sinking speed industrial data coupled with faster, while more and more urgent demand for cloud integration, this is undoubtedly give “cloud edge integrated solutions” brought great as the core Ying Han Network Development Opportunities. So, this is Ying Han Network launched the core reason IG900 series edge computing gateway.
Figure: IG900 edge computing gateway
The series main gateway to calculate the angle from the edge of the three major pain points to address industrial field data collection: one with rich industrial interfaces and compatible with many major industrial bus protocols, including Modbus TCP / RTU, Profinet, Profibus, EtherNet / IP, EtherCAT, OPC UA, CC-LINK, PPI and other agreements, to make complex industrial site to quickly access; the second is based on the edge computing architecture provides edge applications development environment for the realization of industrial site; Third, in conjunction with all major industrial cloud, as a partner of Microsoft, Amazon, and other giants of Ali, Ying Han network launched IG900 series edge computing gateway supports Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Ali cloud, Schneider EcoStruxure, Siemens and other cloud MindSpere platform, provides a comprehensive ecological solutions for the networking industry.
Figure: IG900 edge computing gateway supports the part of the cloud
In addition to data collection, data processing application, since the industrial field of data facing a “shelf life” is very short, and a lot of “junk” data does not need to pass to cloud the issue. IG900 series edge Ying Han Network computing gateway not only to quickly realize the data acquisition, data solve the “shelf life” issue, but also the number of the collectedIt was filtered and pretreatment to relieve the pressure of the cloud. So, this edge is calculated based on the gateway, Ying Han Network edge cloud-enabled industry collaboration is how things do? Side of things cloud collaboration integrated solutions from the industrial point of view though, the edge computing development in full swing, but from the application point of view, it is still in the early landing. Edge computing and cloud computing integration in order to truly reflect the value of industry data. In fact, the industry has recognized the importance of co-edge cloud Control Engineering Copyright , and carried out active exploration. For example, Huawei’s intelligent edge platform IEF General Assembly released its HC2018 clearly put forward the concept of integrated services edge with cloud collaboration; Siemens 2018 published the concept of Industrial Edge, roughly philosophy is to achieve through cloud deployment IndustrialEdge Management edge computing and cloud computing collaborative CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Ying Han network at this year’s Hanover Fair, the edge-based gateway is calculated, showing the “cloud enantiomers John through equipment industry (InHand DeviceNetworks cloud) + calculated edge gateway (edge ​​Computing gateway) “, to achieve edge cloud collaboration.
Figure: Ying Han Network in the “cloud edge synergy” Hannover Industry Fair show
Since the edge cloud collaboration so important to industry data, so understanding how cloud collaboration side of it? Cloud synergistic critical edge processing data fusion that data. In the industrial scene, on the one hand by the edge calculation directly run real-time analysis algorithms, on the other hand the use of synergies with the edge of the cloud, growing and optimizing implementation model, allowing the platform edge analysis technology to enhance real-time analysis capabilities. Of course, cloud edges and synergistic capabilities with the ability of specific connotation landing point of interest will be different each time the application scenarios, since each edge is calculated for different business forms in conjunction with cloud business needs. For example, in flexible manufacturing process, the application of modern industrial robots and more widely. Robot production line, stability and reliability of the robot arm to ensure the production of economic significance. Large-scale deployment of industrial robots, industrial robots complex structure, high maintenance cost of production pricesThe ability to maintain industry technical staff made a high requirement. Mainly in, to be detected before the robot to the robot mechanism section failure, abnormalities of the control device or the like, and remind users to have service for maintenance outage before, so that the zero downtime, continuous production.
FIG: industrial robot
here is that the core point cloud edge preventive maintenance by synergistic, sustained effective production. Ying Han Network through the “cloud” + “side” of the industrial robot remote management ecosystem solutions in the field of industrial production, industrial robots and other smart devices allow Ethernet connectivity IG900 series edge computing gateway instantly through a variety of industrial bus or high-speed data collection, screening, treatment, etc. …… in the cloud, InHand device cloud can bring together industrial site in real-time production data centralized storage, analysis, processing, forecasting, from network management, field exploration and then pick perception and response, can greatly improve operational and maintenance efficiency.
Figure: “Cloud” + “side” of industrial robots remotely manage ecosystem solutions
Conclusion: Now, compare the data without too much oil, its oil gathering, transportation, processing, refining to use, industrial The same is true of data. Edge computing more powerful force insight and analysis of the data collected, the application proceeds edge computing, edge computing gateway deployment of the data generated will be clearly visible Control Engineering Copyright , to dispel the factory owners doubts about the industrial data, the Internet industry in order to truly implement the “first line” to go. Edge cloud collaboration for ICT vendors, OT manufacturers, OTT vendors and telecom operators have brought invaluable, by the depth of excavation data, to promote business innovation and business model innovation, accelerate the digital transition. In the intelligent manufacturing era, all aspects of production need to open up and be able to interact in real time, such as production, warehousing, logistics and other sectors of production data and device data requires real-time monitoring, tracking, and then intelligently predicted by big data processing, including stocking in advance, security and so on. Things industrial distribution network through enantiomers Han pursue industrial pace is 4.0, based on the “cloud gateway device InHand + + Big Data Analysis calculated edge”, using collaborative cloud side, open data acquisition, transmission, processing channels Control Engineering network Copyright , and big data analytics, full hairValue play data, ultimately enabling a full range of industrial things.

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