Wieland Electric released samos®PRO analog input module

As planned, Wieland Electric has officially launched a dedicated analog input safety monitoring module SP-SA series, it’s listed further enhance the samos PRO COMPACT-PLUS (Note 1) as a safety feature compact programmable safety controller application, you can safety recognized and handled as analog pressure, temperature, flow rate, speed, distance, and other signal level, and to achieve PL e or application SILCL 3 and the following security level. New security analog function blocks , can be realized on the analog parameter related to precisely set, and process the output control security, safety parameterized analog function blocks, the design can be made engineers more approachable and debugging, save a lot of debugging and maintenance time.
New Analog Interface module supports having a 4-20 mA current signal or a RTD signal related to temperature, such as PT100, PT200, PT1000, NI100, NI1000 other RTD temperature signal, and transmits the corresponding data to samos PRO COMPACT-PLUS modules, new analog function blocks can be safely and easily process the data , provide a reliable guarantee for the safety in production. Simple configuration safe analog samos PRO COMPACT module and the main module are directly connected, can extend up to 12 analog security module , the integrated analog latest security function block programming software can be used directly 48 for analog signals and arranged to achieve control.
In many applications, economic and reliable (without explosion proof requirements) may be directly dispensed additional control cabinet additional elements (e.g., intrinsically safe safety temperature limiter, transmitters, etc.).
compliance with international safety certification samos PRO COMPACT since its birth has been a meet SIL 3, PLe safety certification programmable safety controller , while the latest safe analog modules the following safety certification will be completed as soon as possible:
widely used industry samos PRO COMPACT series supports up to 74 kinds of professionally certified safety function blocks, are widelyFor machinery manufacturing, wind power, elevators and other safety control system , now also support secure analog and combustion monitoring heat treatment process.
Note 1: firmware version F and above

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