Wine chain world: 4 months on the line, real-name users 830,000, adding 30,000 people every day

“If you missed the property and missed the internet, this time, don’t miss the blockchain.

In September 2017, Ma Zhaode led the team to develop a new project for the development of blockchain applications —— the first domestic wine blockchain application " wine chain world. It was launched on April 19 this year, and it has been on the line for 4 months. It has not been promoted. The number of users in the chain is 830,000. Currently, 30,000 new real-name authentication users are added every day.

At the beginning of 2018, the domestic blockchain application market was hot.

But unlike the past, mining heat or ICO heat, this wave of blockchain entrepreneurial technology is more faded, preferring games or entertainment that are easily understood by mass users. Threshold drop and user popularity, the original niche blockchain application was urged to iterate. From the beginning of the year to the present, it has gone through the “blockchain pets and “blockchain digging treasures”.

Almost all Chinese Internet giants have bet on blockchain pets, such as Baidu “ Leitz, 360 < blockchain cat, millet & ldquo; encryption rabbit, Tencent & ldquo; to catch the demon and so on. With the blockchain digging treasure application “Netease planet on the line and brush screen, the enthusiasm of the giants quickly and ignited” digging treasure, the birth of Baidu “duo universe, millet wifi chain equivalent products.

But when it’s lively, people can’t help wondering: What is the use of blockchain pets or diggers that are not fun compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain tokens? What kind of benefits are given directly to users?

—— Ma Zhaode and his wine chain world try to answer this question.

China’s first alcohol blockchain application

as China’s first generation Internet Entrepreneur, Ma Zhaode stood on the cusp of all the Chinese Internet in the past 20 years. This time, the betting blockchain is a commercial upheaval that he is smelling a new round of revolution with the new technology. “This feeling is like the Chinese Internet was just born in the 1990s.

On April 19, 2018, Ma Zhaode’s first domestic wine chain block application chain was quietly launched.

The reason is that it is quiet. First, this vertical blockchain application was not born in the first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen, but was born in Chongqing. Second, since the launch, the wine chain world has not made any Promotion, only spread between users.

But the world of wine chains may be the blockchain application closest to the money so far. Look at a set of numbers:

4 months on the line, no promotion, user size 830,000, September is expected to break a million;

digital assets & ldquo; holy wine convertible Physical drinks, as of press release, 476.02 drops & ldquo; holy wine & ldquo; can be replaced a box (6 bottles) “national Taiwan national standard wine 53 degrees, value 3598 yuan;

platform users at the end of the holding “St. Wine participates in the platform to distribute dividends;


830,000 real-name certified wine chain world, digital assets & ldquo; holy wine can be exchanged for wine

The rules of the wine chain world are very easy to understand:

Users download the wine chain world App, After the real name registration, you will receive a free cloud brewing machine. This winemaker, equivalent to a bitcoin mining machine, can participate in the mining and distribution of blockchain digital asset tokens.

Token is known as “San wine,” “The total amount of holy wine is constant, only 500 million drops, 23 years old. The output rule is halved every three years, with 230,000 drops per day for the first three to three years, and each user has only 10 chances to collect “sacred wine” every day.

Each time the user collects the amount of the holy wine, it is only related to the brewing power of the user’s cloud brewing machine. The calculation formula is: assuming the daily output of the total number of holy wines Q, the user daily Can brew the holy wine = Q * the current brewing value of the user / the sum of the user’s brewing power value within 48 hours.

There are many ways to get the brewing power. For example, you can get 300 brewing power by registering your real name. You can get 2 brewing power every day, and you can get 10 brewing power for each new user.

Whether to announce the total amount of tokens, formula, release period, etc., is to measure whether a blockchain application is qualified Standard. Because the biggest value of the blockchain is to solve the “trust problem, the information disclosure of the 0 barrier is the premise of the establishment of trust.” Log in to the wine chain world app, the current number of users, the total amount of wine produced, and other data at a glance.

Blockchain technology has several characteristics: distributed accounting, peer-to-peer transmission, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms. This makes the blockchain information transparent, unmodifiable, and multi-point storage consistent, just like the conclusion of an eternal contract between people, without any “centralized people or organizations can change.

For example, the well-known bitcoin, each holder knows its calculation formula, its halving of its output every four years, so that it can easily calculate the constant total output of Bitcoin, at this moment. The sum of all bitcoins in the world, etc.

But there are many so-called domesticBlockchain applications, their representation of key elements such as total amount, release period, and calculation formula are always in a ambiguous state. Ambiguity means that these information, which should not be modified, is still under the control of a centralized organization.

But this is not the value of the wine chain world.

Speaking of it, the setting of wine machine, brewing power, and holy wine is almost the same as that of Netease Planet, Force, Black Diamond, etc. Even after they went online, Xiaomi wifi chain, 360 love drill, Jingdong Hashi Manor, etc., all used similar gameplay. But the biggest difference in the world of wine chains is that it is not just a digital game, but really works in real life.

For example, in Netease Planet, there are more black diamonds, and people don’t know what to do. At the end of March, NetEase launched a water auction, and took out the NetEase ecosystem products such as black pork, bluetooth speakers, and bath towels. In the end, it was in the whole network of 2 months of mining.

—— How does the wine chain world work in real life? Don’t forget, it is a wine blockchain application, the original intention of birth is related to wine.

Users buy wine, platform rewards & quot; brewing power

First of all, the wine chain world is Wine F2C direct purchase platform.

F refers to the winery manufacturer and C is the consumer. In the built-in mall of the Wine Chain World App, consumers can use digital assets to “sell wines” or buy them in cash. After receiving the consumer’s order, the manufacturer will directly deliver the wine from the factory, and the factory direct sales will eliminate the intermediate links and ensure the authenticity of the source.

The price of wine sold is the same as that of Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms. The difference is that each time the user consumes, he will get a certain amount of “power” as feedback. And “what is the amount of brewing power, it determines the amount of the user’s holy wine. Therefore, in the world of wine chains, users “buy and buy” are not in the “hands, but in making money.

Users need to enter the ad words set by the advertiser when collecting the wines

Then there is the wine advertising distribution platform.

In the past, DSP ads, the most confusing thing for advertisers is that they don’t know who saw their ads, or even if anyone saw the ads.

In the world of wine chains, users have 10 times a day to collect the opportunity of the holy wine. Before collecting the wine, you need the advertising words set by the advertiser to confirm the rights. For example, Qinghualang has been put into the wine chain world. When users collect “sacred wines, they must manually select the three words of Qinghualang in some disturbing Chinese characters. At the same time, on the banner above the phone screen, the advertisement image about Qinghua Lang will be rotated.

This changed the ecology of Internet DSP advertising in the past: advertisers, platforms, and users benefited at the same time ——

Users manually input advertising words, which deepened the brand and formed Deep ad memory, advertisers are better served;

Each time you enter an ad, it’s a confirmation of the advertiser’s first time, letting the advertiser know where the money is spent;

The user sees the advertisement, and the platform receives the advertiser’s delivery fee, which in turn rewards the user Token<; holy wine, & quot; the holy wine can be used for peer-to-peer transactions, redemption of wine, and participation in dividends.

At present, advertisers are effectively served once, and the world of wine chains is charged 0.3 yuan.

Another benefit for advertisers is that the target audience is more realistic, accurate, and massive. The users of the wine chain world are real-name systems. When registering, they enter the name and ID number to carry out real-name authentication, the mobile phone number receives the authenticity of the SMS verification, and the digital wallet is opened for Alipay verification to ensure that the user is authentic.

Most alcoholic advertisers in the world of wine chains are currently in the market, and most of the users gathered in the world of wine chains are wine consumers. At the same time, due to the uniqueness and multi-dimensionality of the blockchain information, the platform user portrait is more realistic and accurate, which is convenient for the advertiser to accurately deliver.

Users need to enter the ad words set by the advertiser when collecting the wines

The last one is the digital asset allocation platform.

In the world of wine chains, the daily collection of “sacred wine” by users is a digital asset on the blockchain.

Digital assets are different from currencies such as the RMB and the US dollar.

The definition of money in economics is a general equivalent, a description of value, and it has no value in itself. Digital assets don’t require media, they are value in themselves. This value is recognized and protected by law. According to Article 127 of the 2017 General Civil Law General Regulations: Where the law provides for the protection of data and network virtual property, it shall be in accordance with its provisions. This means that digital assets are protected by law.

Currency is a description of value. Since digital assets are value, they can be described in terms of currency.

As of this writing, each drop is worth 7.69 yuan. Currently, the number one user in the world of wine chains holds 136,732 drops of holy wine. According to the value of the holy wine at this time, the value of this user’s digital assets in the wine chain world is more than 1.05 million yuan.

Not long ago, the world of wine chains was also on the line. This is a place for users to trade peer-to-peer.That is, users and users directly buy and sell “San wine, the wine chain world itself does not participate in any transactions between users. The price of the holy wine is determined by the user according to the market conditions. The function was launched on the line for 11 days, and the user accumulatively traded “3.44 drops of holy wine. The unit price of the transaction continued to rise, and the maximum increase in 48 hours was close to 50%. It is verified that users are very optimistic about the future of the wine chain world.

In addition, since the wine chain world itself also has an advertising platform and a liquor sales platform, the annual market value of these two fields is trillions, and the wine chain world will take a certain percentage from the annual profit to hold The user of the holy wine pays dividends. Ma Zhaode explained the design of dividends in this way: the value of the blockchain is actually the consensus value of the users, and the advertising revenue is also generated by the user participation. The benefits that everyone works together to create are naturally shared. The wine chain world is to share the profits of the wine circulation and the advertising expenses of the wine companies for the users who hold the holy wine.

In Ma Zhaode’s expectation, perhaps not long after, a drop of holy wine can be exchanged for a bottle of flying Maotai.

Users will conduct peer-to-peer transactions in the “sacred wine market” every day

from the block Chain pets to blockchain mining

China is a hot spot for global blockchain entrepreneurship. But what is more pessimistic is that most of the Chinese blockchain entrepreneurs are mostly on the “high imitation route”.

For example, the blockchain pets that were hot in early 2018 were fundamentally stimulated by the success of the previous year’s blockchain game’s originator, the cat’s CryptoKitties. In this blockchain cat game, a digital cat was born with a price of 750,000 yuan. So Baidu Leitz, 360 block chain cat, Jingdong Hashi Manor (pet is a chicken) and so on.

But imitating the etheric cat’s “skin”, but can not sell the value of the cat, the kernel is different. The success of the Ether Cat CryptoKitties was based on its first blockchain application in Ethereum. Ethereum is the blockchain ecology with the highest market value except Bitcoin. In terms of technology and ecology, Ethereum is more advanced and mature than Bitcoin.

—— Ethereum is not a game, but a vision for the future of blockchain technology. I don’t understand this truth, and blindly copying the UI and code is obviously not a great product.

The biggest inspiration for the entrepreneurs in the world of wine chains is that instead of creating virtual concepts and playing with the desire to get rich overnight, it’s better to start from the pain points of the vertical industry and look for industries and districts. The opportunity to combine blockchain technology and blockchain thinking.

Ma Zhaode from the first generation of Chinese Internet feels that the blockchain at this time is like the era when the Internet was just born: only technology, no application. But soon, BAT began to emerge and ran all the way.

If you missed the property and missed the internet, would we miss the blockchain?

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