XMOS processors to promote next-generation voice Voice TV market, and released a new development kit for Amazon Alexa voice services

The world’s largest industry event in the speech, XMOS Development Kit for VocalFusion announced the launch of Amazon AVS (Note 2) of the Control Engineering Copyright , which is optimized for Smart TV set-top boxes and far-field double microphone solution. This new development kit XMOS XVF3510 voice processor based, market-leading US dollars (Note 1) 0.99 affordable cost to provide excellent performance, allows manufacturers to cost-effectively embed mass-market set-top boxes and smart TVs voice interface. XMOS next-generation acoustic algorithms developed in the United Kingdom, specifically designed for modern living space. It provides a superior experience in terms of far-field voice control, opened by interactive technology enables more natural door.
XMOS Technical intelligent work by the acoustic environment, the other from the room noisy sounds (including any media stream transmission apparatus itself) to identify and isolate the voice instructions , such that implement far-field voice has captured a close precision. XMOS algorithm: ● stereo echo canceller: talker echo suppressing unnecessary break interpolation function and enable the interference canceller ●: abolition shot noise source to cancel unwanted background noise ● our adaptive delay estimator: dynamically adjusting the audio reference signal delay, echo canceller algorithm to ensure smooth flow Simon Bryant brings real-time experience, research director at market research firm Futuresource Consulting, said: “the recent , the market for the device is equipped with a voice assistant widely accepted, and demand continues to surge , is expected to multimedia and entertainment areas will continue to be actively using this technology for manufacturers intentional introduction into the voice control function in the product line [ 123], this new XMOS device will respond to their needs “Mark Lippett XMOS CEO, said:.” so that people are free to use your voice to control the TV from anywhere in the room, which is much more natural experience – you just need to tell what you want to watch a TV program. our new far-field speech processor is an attractive PriceGrid provides easy-to-implement solution for developers. ”

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