You understand together with GE Industrial Internet Past and Present

Industry Internet This concept was first proposed by GE (General Electric) to the Control Engineering Copyright , GE is the world’s largest diversified services company, with many types of manufacturing industries, from aircraft engines, power generation equipment, lighting, plastic or the like. It is based on GE huge system of products, strong technical strength of the manufacturing sector, as well as the IoT experience , GE defines the core elements of the Internet industry. The definition of industrial internet GE Industrial Internet to break the boundaries of wisdom and machines, the Internet brings together the results of two industrial revolution: the results of the industrial revolution brought a myriad of machines, facilities, and systems cluster networks, and the Internet revolution emerged computing, information and communication systems recently achieved strong results. Internet industry by global industrial systems and advanced computing, analysis, low-cost sensors and the Internet has brought a new level of connectivity and other capabilities integration onto the stage. The GE Industrial Internet, understood as two of the country’s industrialization and information integration often mentioned. But more precisely, it is a subset of the integration of the two, is a form of integration of the two, but to solve the problem in terms of cost efficiency and the use of heavy equipment and other business assets. Clearly the GE Industrial Internet is equal to “Internet + industry” such an understanding, not GE’s intent. GE Industrial Internet, perhaps only use to connectivity, “the Internet, low-cost, large spatial scales. It is emphasized that, GE Industrial Internet, but also to the sensing, control software, cloud computing, big data analytics, and other information and communication technical
the value of the Internet industry’s understanding of the Internet industry can not do without three elements: man, machine and data analysis software industry to enlarge the role of the Internet cloud, machines and sophisticated software with built-in sensors and other wisdom machines machines connected together, so that we can extract the data for analysis to find out the meaning behind it. when the machine senses the trigger conditions and communication signals when they become tools of the ability to understand, and functional analysis mobility , I believe it can bring productivity gains of the revolution. the first is to reduce the time of failure, regardless of the airline, hospital or any customer, their assets must be working properly, faults can be forecasting, efficiency can not adaptContinuously improve, this is very important, I believe that every hospital president or chairman of the airlines want to try to minimize the time of failure; the second is optimization of assets, each CT scanner, a diesel locomotive per the engine, can be the best state to operate, regardless of emission reduction, or aspects of energy consumption; Thirdly, to improve enterprise systems. Not only is GE’s assets, those assets include all clients, it can be the best state to operate.
Past: consumer Internet built from the 2003 Ma Taobao, Alipay launched. By 2007, Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba has market capitalization of more than $ 10 billion, China ranks among the world’s largest Internet companies in the Internet business. People seem to realize that their lives are being affected by the Internet and change. And then in early 2010, each year about 80 billion deal completed through e-commerce. Then people really aware of the coming of age of the Internet, but also benefit from the Internet created 2.6 times more jobs. Future: The so-called Internet industry, Internet industry, refers to the traditional industries leveraging big data, cloud computing, intelligent terminals and network advantages, enhance internal efficiency and external service capabilities. Relying on the Internet industry, each industry transformation and upgrading of traditional industries will also benefit from one-man show, for the joint development and industrial upgrading of the Internet. 2020, the Internet industry will create 1.7 trillion in value. 2025, may be used in manufacturing 80C100% of Things application, which will have the potential economic impact of 900 to 2300 billion US dollars of. Aviation: Industrial Internet has the ability to help the aviation industry increased by 1% fuel efficiency and save fuel costs 30 billion. Energy: Industrial Internet will help the oil and gas industry $ 90 billion in savings by reducing capital expenditures. Railways: Industrial Internet has the ability to help the rail industry increased by 1% of the railway operational efficiency, saving $ 27 billion. Electricity: Internet industry power industry will help save $ 66 billion in fuel costs. Medical: Industrial Internet has the ability to help the medical industry increased by 1% efficiency savings of $ 63 billion. 5G has completely broken through the traditional mode of communication point to point communication technology, things get more equipment, industrial equipment into the communication network, thereby enabling the industry to accelerate the integration of the Internet industry is accelerating the formation, 5G thus brought industrial growthIt is also well worth the wait.
different development path of recent GE and Siemens, the industrial sector of the Internet benchmark GE and Siemens on the development path made a different choice. According to “The Wall Street Journal” reported that, GE is planning to sell its digital companies, including industrial internet platform Predix, MES software Proficy, Management (APM) software. Founded in 2015, it carries the vision of GE Industrial GEDigital Internet system, want to accelerate the digital transformation of the organization, to build digital capacity of enterprises through the industrial business, which Predix this system is the core platform. Siemens announced plans to adjust the corporate structure, digital industrial business will become one of its three operating companies. Although the choice is based on the adjustment of corporate strategy, determine if the sale of GE digital company, or to make the industry feel regret. GE first proposed the “Industrial Internet” concept, Predix Internet platform is the industry leader, Foxconn Group Chairman Terry Gou even said that this year “to build a Chinese version of Predix”. Today, three years younger than the establishment of the company or from the digital creator GE. But GE plans to sell Predix including digital company out of financial considerations, Predix operators may encounter obstacles, but that does not mean that GE give up exploring the Internet industry.
Notice of Internet industry development of the Internet industry is global, systemic change process that involves the concept of change, model transformation and the path of innovation. GE to sell some digital assets from the other side also confirmed the Internet industry needs more capital, technology and personnel input. Compared to the construction of industrial internet platform to promote the application and its build time ecosystem of longer and more complex. The current Internet in China’s industrial network system platform system, there is no small gaps and shortcomings on capacity building security system. To compensate for these shortcomings, to achieve a breakthrough, we must strengthen guidance of the government, but also from the business from past thinking out looking for a new development model. The Internet is an important carrier of industrial transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, the manufacturing sector is deepening and Internet convergence of the welding point, the Internet industry for the future of the country’s economic development, plays an important role. The birth of China’s Internet industry since 2017, 4.0 in industrial heat subsided, after the intelligent manufacturing is declining, the domestic Internet industry high heat.But this “Internet industry”, not exactly refer to GE Industrial Internet, even the Chinese Internet industry, but also the Hundred Flowers. GE forecast , if the Internet is applied to China’s aviation industry, electric power, railway, medical, and other major oil and gas industry, and to achieve productivity gains of 1% in the next 15 years will have the potential to these industry cost savings of about $ 24 billion. By 2030, the Internet industry could bring a total of $ 3 trillion GDP growth for the Chinese economy.
As summarized by the year 2020, the face of smart phones, tablet PCs and will reach about 73 million units of data, networking technology and its surrounding ecosystem is expected to reach 8.9 trillion US dollars in the market, whether it is global digital industrial giant General electric GE, or China’s development strategy CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the Internet industry will be incorporated into its own development plan, as “Made in China 2025”, in response to a new round of technological revolution and industrial change, based on the actual needs of our transformation of economic development around the innovation-driven, intelligent restructuring, strengthening and other infrastructure, green development, people-oriented key, and strive to 2025 from great manufacturing power into the ranks.

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